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Read Online Jerk: Barbecue from Jamaica

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Jerk: Barbecue from Jamaica

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Jerk cooking is the prefect reflection of the Jamaican lifestyle--spicy, sweet, charismatic, and hot. Over 100 recipes provide the secret of jerk cooking in this book--everything from spice blends and marinades to main dishes to drinks and desserts that complement the perfect jerk meal.Start with a dry rub or start with a wet marinade; in Jerk Helen Willinsky proves that the possibilities for jerked food are almost endless. Willinsky grew up in Kingston and still lives on Jamaica. She knows the real flavors of the island as well as how to cook jerk properly. Jamaica is brought to life in this volume--you can smell the smoke and feel the fiery tingle of great jerk while visions of sun and steel drumming keep you company in the kitchen.

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