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Download Cooking Healthy With Wild Game

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Cooking Healthy With Wild Game

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Delicious healthy game and fish recipes and a complete guide from field to table. This book is valuable both before the hunting/fishing trip and later in the kitchen. Cooking Healthy With Wild Game has 108 special chosen recipes varying from gourmet meals cooked over a campfire to a dramatic flambe at the dining table. Wild game does not have to taste gamy or tough. Follow the advice in this book and it will be tender and delicious. The recipes are the best selected from a superb collection: most North American large and small game, fish, birds, frogs' legs, turtle soup, sauces, marinades, corn bread, and other great side dishes, many for campsite use. Health and wild game cooking is explained with easily grasped medical facts. Emphasis is on low fat ingredients and proper cooking methods. Field preparation of game, birds, and fish is explained in detail with emphasis on preventing spoilage, cleanliness, and retaining the natural good flavor. Included are tips and practical advice on many topics, from avoiding wild meat's gamy taste to delicious use of leftover biscuits. Fish smoking is easy with detailed instructions on how to build and use a smoker. The author, Robert Rinker, is well known as a magazine and book author. He wrote the bible of the shooting sports, Understanding Ballistics, and brings the same talent and experience to this exceptional cookbook.

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