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Read Online Entertaining The Gluten-Free Way

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Entertaining The Gluten-Free Way

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If you have any gluten-intolerant family or friends, you may be overwhelmed and even frustrated when trying to cook gluten-free recipes for them. The good news: You don't have to worry anymore. Entertaining the Gluten-Free Way guides you in preparing and cooking healthy and tasty gluten-free recipes for your gluten-intolerant loved ones that everyone will enjoy. After author Kristina Stosek's daughter was diagnosed with a serious gluten sensitivity, she focused her attention on developing recipes that her daughter could eat. In this cookbook, Stosek shares sixty easy-to-prepare gluten-free recipes that you can serve when hosting a small evening meal or a large holiday gathering. The recipes cover appetizers, such as the zesty Gourmet Guacamole Dip; salads, such as the Quinoa Salad with Grapes and Sweet Peas; soups, like the Authentic Vegetarian Ukrainian Borscht; side dishes, like the Sweet Potato and Yam Mash; main dishes, such as Lasagna Fusion; and desserts, like the mouth-watering Chocolate Truffle Cake. No matter whether your friends and family are gluten-intolerant or not, these dishes are flavourful and appetizing. Hosting your friends and family should be fun and relaxing, and Entertaining the Gluten-Free Way can help make those experiences less stressful and more memorable.

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