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Greene on Greens

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Hot Red Kiev Borscht. Plum Crazy Carrots. Brazilian Avocado Cream. A Classic Cold Vinaigrette. French Chou Chou and Germantown Slaw.

From artichokes to zucchini, Bert Greene's not-strictly-vegetarian vegetable cookbook is loaded with close to 500 recipes for vegetable soups, casseroles, crepes, flans, quiches, souffles, tarts, breads, cakes, pies, and even sorbets. Alphabetically arranged according to vegetable, the recipes celebrate 30 not-strictly-green wonders of the garden.

Temptations all, the dishes Greene creates are luscious beginnings, sturdy main attractions, and triumphant finales. Broccoli and Pasta Timbales are perfect appetizers, Asparagus and Shrimp Salad an inspiring lunch, Cloaked Chicken and Peas in Cream a hearty supper. In addition to the recipes, Green offers tips on shopping for vegetables, preparing vegetables, and enjoying vegetables, as well as fascinating tidbits of history, lore, and personal anecdotes that give the book an engaging, conversational tone. Winner of a 1985 Tastemaker Award. Main selection of the Book-of-the-Month Cooking & Crafts Club. Selection of the Better Homes & Gardens Family Book Service. 197,000 copies in print.A tribute to the more than 30 vegetables dear to veteran cookbook author Bert Greene's heart, Greene on Greens is a treasure trove of uninhibited recipes mixed with colorful anecdotes and tidbits of vegetable history and trivia. With recipes such as Boozy Celery (brandied cream is the secret), Cajun Artichoke and Spinach (anise liqueur is the unexpected ingredient) and Tomato Devil's Food Cake with Tomato Butter Cream Frosting, Greene creates unexpected textures and flavors while enticing even the most stubborn meat and potatoes types to eat their vegetables. The book won the 1994 James Beard Cookbook Award.

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