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Download The Mish-MASH Dictionary of Marmite

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The Mish-MASH Dictionary of Marmite

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A book for all tastes - literally. No matter where you stand on the big Marmite 'love-hate' debate, you will find something in it to your liking. As the title indicates, it contains a mish-mash of information - from serious to silly with lots in between - about the iconic British spread. From its beginnings as brewing industry yeast-waste to its use in the finest restaurants, this book reveals the grip Marmite has on palates - and minds - around the world. The tales it tells amount to a social history, covering more than 100 years. It is crammed with insights into how it all began, the old-time recipes, its place in medicine, its role in education and wars, its many unlikely uses (apart from eating it), and much more. All of which add up to an amazing feat for a humble kitchen cupboard product. But above all it's a fun read about the zany world occupied by Marmite. The lovers of the spread will love the book. But they will also hate it - because of all the ammunition the 'loathers' will find within its pages to hurl at them. Even those who have no interest in Marmite and know nothing about it will find something to grab them - and be converted... either one way or the other.

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