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Read Online A Wheat Free Life

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A Wheat Free Life

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For twenty-five years I ground my wheat twice a week to make homemade bread, something I believed to be the foundation to a healthy diet. Unknowingly, my good intentions were in actuality slowly poisoning us. In researching foods to create great tasting gluten-free (wheat-free) recipes I learned the importance of eating real foods. Real foods are those as nature has intended and created. GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) created in scientific labs over the past 40 years may increase yield, however the detrimental side effects on human health is just beginning to be documented. When I and my two daughters were diagnosed with intolerances and allergies to wheat I set out on a crusade to heal and feed my family. I have discovered this is not a new fad diet, it is a lifestyle change with profound health benefits. Knowing the difficulties our family faced in the beginning I wanted to share this with others to help lift the burdens many face as they learn and begin to deal with wheat allergies. God bless you on your new journey to health and I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we have. And just in time for the Holidays look for my new cookbook, A Wheat-Free Life vs. the Holidays, also on Wheat-free cooking doesn't have to be tasteless!

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