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Download PDF The Best Meat Recipes (Best Recipe)

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The Best Meat Recipes (Best Recipe)

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Would you sear 50 pepper-crusted filets mignons to find the ultimate recipe, one guaranteed to deliver a perfectly browned crust and a meltingly tender interior? We did. Here are more than 300 foolproof recipes for all our favorite cuts of meat.

No one likes a tough roast, a leathery chop, or a boring burger. And because meat is so expensive, mistakes are simply not acceptable - that is, unles you work at America's Test Kitchen. Our job is to test every possible cut and technique, along with countless skillets, knives, and roasting pans. We like to say that we make all the mistakes first, so you don't have to. Our recipes have been tested - and retested - so that we know which cut is best for a particular recipe, which cooking techniques work (and which ones don't) and which pieces of equipment are essential. Want your holiday ham to come out right? Too scared to try prime rib at home? Is it possible to make real barbecued spareribs on a conventional backyard grill? The Best Meat Recipes contains more than 300 foolproof recipes - everything from grilled T-bone steaks and beef burgundy to shish kebab and smothered pork chops. And since great meat recipes begin at the meat counter, we've included an opinionated shopping guide that rates 70 popular cuts for flavor and value. We tell you which roasts are worth the money and which roasts are not worth the trouble. You'll learn why the best steaks come from the short loin and why a bone-in spiral-cut ham from the shank end is our favorite choice. If you love meat, now you can really enjoy it with all the best recipes gathered here in one complete and practical cookbook.

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